• The company

    When talking about demanding transport solutions, Skyline Express will come up quickly. Global transports with unusual challenges are what we specialise in. We are at home on all routes, we find the best ways and we get everywhere. Always available and always reliable. Our motto is: all ways...

  • Skyline Express – A company with a lot of experience

    Portrait Volker Sim

    Volker Sim

    Volker Sim was born in Detmold in 1965 but, due to his father's military career, had to move eight times within the North of Germany until his 16th birthday. These constantly changing places and living conditions have had an impact on him and ensure the flexibility that characterise him until today. Influenced by British military schools, known for their high standard of disciplin, Volker Sim left school with an excellent school-leaving certificate and passed his apprenticeship certification exam as logistics manager with distinction.


    Business idea

    In 1988, he joins a new local company in the air and ocean freight area, later becoming sales manager and shareholder there. Many travels around the world get Volker Sim essentially involved in the development of global partnerships. He is successfully active in the international business (air and ocean freight). Specifically in sales, many customers have been acquired nationally and internationally, and many trusting contacts with agents overseas have been developed.

    Our history

    Click your way through our company history!


    ...to be continued

    Skyline Express was founded on 01 April 2000, then still under the name of "Skyline Cargo GmbH" and hailing from rented offices in the former building yard of the town of Detmold. In the first year, a "black zero" was achieved with a single employee. The founding year already included training of a young person as a forwarding merchant.


    In 2001, we were able to triple our turnover. Important agents were added slowly. The customer and employee numbers increased accordingly.

    In 2002, the first investments were made. The first fork lift, the first own "Bulli", and the first trailer were purchased. Skyline Express was licensed as an IATA-agency. The first collection container transaction with a weekly departure to the USA took shape and the company became an agent of GOAL group in Germany. Turnover kept growing strongly – and the number of employees increased to 9. The first trainee was transferred to permanent employment in the ocean freight department!

    In 2003, the company expanded its office premises to 200 square metres. Furthermore, Skyline succeeded in winning Toyota Tsusho as a renowned reference customer. For the first time, we offered a complete range of services, including import, warehousing, order picking and distribution for a local company in Detmold. Due to our consulting and assistance in customs matters, this company was able to save considerable costs per year. The turnover of Skyline Express showed a further increase and the number of employees rose to 11. A first in-house “corporate party” emphasised in particular the personal relationship between Skyline Express and its customers, airlines and shipping lines.

    In 2004, the first own truck was bought to assume fixed tours in outsourcing for a customer. The courier area was developed and the first large external vehicles were applied with advertising. A dedicated programme for import was generated for the first time. The turnover, which kept growing, and was achieved with 12 employees. Two motivated trainees were transferred to employment!

    In 2005, the company moved to the property at the "Seelenkamp" in Lage, Lippe. Skyline Express acquired its first "Consulting" customer in a US company. The target of consulting was to found the European branch with all import licenses. This was achieved by Skyline Express employees alone. Joining WNA group led to additional important relationships with partners around the world. Skyline Express was also licensed for Atlas customs handling. Not least because of gaining further important customers, the turnover continued to grow, now with 14 employees. 2 trainees successfully passed their exams and became employees.

    In 2006,  Skyline Express was licensed for Atlas export and had its first test runs. A safety officer is designated due to LBA requirements, and a specially closed safety area is created in the warehouse. Turnover continues to grow, and the company now has 18 employees. That year, we celebrated the Skyline Brazil Party at the Lage site with and for customers – with real Brazilian dancers, it was a wild Caipirinha night in a great atmosphere for all guests.

    In 2007, we started the procedure for ISO certification. The measure was to be completed in the summer of 2008. In the area of hazardous goods, an employee was contracted as hazardous goods officer. He supplied Skyline Express with a lot of advice and suggestions, and competently developed the "all-round care-free package" for hazardous goods, which became established quickly. Completely new software was programmed in cooperation with important customers, customised to their needs. It was particularly positive that all three trainees could transfer to employment. Skyline now has 22 employees. 2007 is the strongest year of the company's history to date.

    The year of 2008 is characterised by corporate communication. There are good reasons to cooperate with Skyline. We want to communicate our unique service offer and our service philosophy even better in future. From 01 April 2008 onwards, Skyline Express therefore has a new look: fresher, more self-confident and more professional. Compare for yourself!

    In early 2009, we successfully applied for a license as an approved economic operator. The application was among the first 500, once again showing that Skyline Express holds a pioneering role in this industry in Germany.

    The economic crisis hit the customers, particularly in the automotive area, immensely. Export dropped by up to 40% within a few months. In spite of the crisis and contrary to the reaction of most competitors, Skyline Express did not lay off employees, nor did we have to reduce working hours.

    3 trainees were employed this summer, as Skyline Express wants to show that we live up to our social responsibility in less prosperous times as well. We want to ensure qualified staff for the future.

    Skyline Express is proud to have barely made a profit in the crisis year of 2009.

    In 2010 there are further milestones in our company history:

    On 17 March, Skyline Express was granted AEO status by the customs authority. It was an outstanding achievement, and we were one of the first local companies! Due to the increasing turnovers from May onwards, we increased our employee count by 2.

    Together with its employees, Skyline Express designs its "Vision 2015" to specify the common direction of the company for the next year.


    The entrepreneurs' company

    Supporting employees to act entrepreneurially on their own

    Social benefits: Pension/health insurance/accident insurance become a standard

    In September, a photovoltaic system was taken into operation in Seelenkamp, achieving an output of 53 KW/P. In autumn, the company acquires its first electrical van. Skyline once again is a pioneer of the industry. Both projects have been developed and executed by customers.

    In 2011, it was decided to build a logistics hall at the site. The construction took place in cooperation with local partners exclusively, and under observation of the highest safety and energy savings aspects. Skyline Express is now able to process all logistics from a single source. The turnover has crossed the 10 M threshold. External warehouses of customers are managed and supported individually. In the area of logistics from Italy and China, we assumed complete processing for a customer dealing in kitchen appliances; this included returns. A dedicated electrician was employed for them for technical inspection of the devices. The runtime of the shipments was reduced from an average of 10 to 3 days. Our customer is expressly praised by his customers for his successful logistics processing with Skyline, and also achieved turnover growth.

    2012 – In spite of continued positive growth, the pressure on yield increased and the need for change was becoming evident. A strategy map was created in 2012 with the external support of a corporate consulting company to illustrate the company's perspectives and increase customer satisfaction. Joining PPL group brings new contacts specifically in Asia.

    In 2013, quality management was developed pursuant to the international Feature Standard IFS to continually increase know-how. The ocean freight department was adjusted to growing customer needs. By separating the shareholders, the company's management was streamlined. The focus increasingly is on productivity and a return to the core competences in air and ocean freight. The return to "old virtues and values" and the "all-round care-free service" is performed from a single source. We bear all efforts and costs for this.

    We consistently continue to restructure the company to achieve and live the contents of the Version 2015. Team spirit and the will to be successful are at the focus for all employees. The year will also be characterised by cooperations and use of synergy effects with partners.

  • Our philosophy creates trust and is fair.

    Our claim

    As a specialist transport company with air and ocean freight as our core competences, we are greatly characterised by reliability, speed and personal contact in all our action.

    We face competition with the best of the industry every day to offer only the best in our work and service offer.

    Diverse talents, motivation, energy and the comprehensive knowledge of our employees are our strength. We achieve best results for our customers and our company.

    Our services

    High customer satisfaction is at the focus of all our activities and actions.

    Reliability, fairness and honesty characterise our relationship with the customer.

    We always question conventional approaches to recognise requirements and challenges in advance and develop innovative solutions.

    Our values

    Achievements, trust, innovation and team work are the pillars of our value canon.

    We offer safe and attractive jobs by further training, motivation and promotion of our employees, whom we will involve in all phases of corporate development.

    Our way of acting always observes the statutory provisions of environmental protection. We support our carrier partners and suppliers sustainably in development and use of environmentally compatible procedures and services. Our own work is targeted at economic use of energy at all times.

    Icon Sicherheit


    Icon Qualität


    Icon Preis


    Safety philosophy

    For years, Skyline Express has been continually working to further improve and develop its own safety concept. With the approval as "regulated officer", it was officially confirmed on 01 March 2008 that we can control air freight in Germany under our own responsibility and that we are able to ensure the safe status of air freight.

    This status was renewed in May 2010.

    The approval is valid until 2018 and thus comprises the longest validity permitted by the legislator. This way, it is ensured in the long term that our air freight can be processed without delay and we can offer our customers the high service they are used to. By the approval, the Luftfahrtbundesamt [German federal aviation administration] confirms, among others, that we maintain the controlled status of the shipments across the transport chain. For our customers, this state-certified safety is an important signal that their shipments are in the best hands with us at all times.

    Since 23 March 2010, we have been a customs-authority "approved economic operator". We have successfully acquired the AEO-F certificate. This status enables us to acquire approvals for customs procedures of economic importance in a simplified procedure without renewed comprehensive inspections and to use other simplified procedures.

    Quality philosophy

    The quality of our processes and results is our most important competitive factor. With a rich scope of experience and high service quality, we master the most demanding transport solutions every day. To maintain this, we cannot rest on what we have already achieved. We want to improve a little with every day!

    We have introduced quality management to secure and increase reliability and availability of our services. Certification purs. to ISO 9001:2000 by the renowned Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen (DQS) was another milestone on our path of continuous improvement in August 2008.

    We are proud of our certificate. It is more to us than just a marketing instrument or a certificate for past achievements. For us, it is a daily incentive to meet the quality expectations and demands of our customers with great attention and passion.

    Price philosophy

    Dear Controllers, Dear Purchasers,

    We know that your job is a hard one. You are always under pressure from the directors or the management, and you have to keep the cost profile as neutral as possible. What I want to say is: as cheap as possible. As we know from commercials: > There's always a way to make it cheaper! <
    This may be true for purchasing of goods. It's more difficult with services. Think, for example, of the services of forwarding partners. How can they be compared? Should reliability points be awarded, or do you want to evaluate the commitment of employees who actively tackle solutions when things go wrong? Will the internal effort be included in the evaluation when other service providers require multiple queries before information is provided? Are possible savings in freight charges worth risking the company's good reputation where smooth processing of transport with customer contact is concerned? If you are dealing with the subject intensely, you will find that we are often able to do much more for you as a partner, to free your time for your core competences – purchase or sale of your goods.

    Dear Controllers, Dear Purchasers, we invite you to find out. Make an appointment with us. We will show you how we work. Transparently and without catches. We are looking forward to meeting you!

    "It is not smart to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little.If you pay too much, you will lose a little money, but if you pay too little you may lose everything. The purchased object may be unable to do what you bought it for. The law of economic efficiency says that it is impossible to get high value out of little money. If you accept the lowest offer, you will have to add something for the risk you take. If you do this, you also have enough money to pay for something better." - John Ruskin (1819 - 1900) author, art critic and Social philosopher

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  • Our team - dedicated and reliable.

    Since our founding in 2000, we have been relying on the most flexible and committed employees with a wide range of experience. This way, we can always renew our decisive head start as compared to our competitors: strong customer partnership. Get to know us!

    Icon Luftfracht

    Air Freight

    Portrait Hauke Langert

    Hauke Langert

    Head of Air Freight

    Year of birth: 1969
    with the company since: 2014
    Interests/hobbies: oh yeah, sports would be nice.

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 140
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 149
    Mobil: +49 151 5444 8832

    E-Mail: hauke.langert@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Heinrich Mergel

    Heinrich Mergel

    Air freight / responsible for customs coordination / deputy security representative

    Year of birth: 1979
    with the company since: 2006

    Interests/hobbies: sports / aviation

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 141
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 104

    E-Mail: heinrich.mergel@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Kirstin Handlanger

    Kirstin Handlanger

    Air freight, export, import and customs, air freight security representative, responsible for EDP sector and coordination of staff training

    Year of birth: 1983
    with the company since: April 2009

    Interests/hobbies: my dog, horse-riding, travelling and being creative

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 142
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 11

    E-Mail: kirstin.handlanger@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Sebastian Schröder

    Sebastian Schröder

    Air freight / IT

    Year of birth: 1982
    with the company since: 2013

    Interests/hobbies: fitness, mopeds, PCs, watching films, reading books

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 143
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 104

    E-Mail: sebastian.schroeder@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Leslie-Ann Dalida

    Leslie-Ann Dalida

    Air freight, export

    Year of birth: 1987
    with the company since: September 2013

    Interests/hobbies: travelling, fitness, photography

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 144
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 104

    E-Mail: leslie-ann.dalida@skyline-express.de

    Icon Seefracht

    Ocean Freight

    Portrait Michaela Bergmann

    Michaela Bergmann

    Head of Ocean Freight

    Comprehensive experience in complex project shipments, supply chain management solutions, automotive with consolidated containers

    Year of birth: 1972
    with the company since: 2014

    Interests/hobbies: horse-riding, volleyball, my family

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 150
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 159
    Mobil: +49 151 5444 8831

    E-Mail: michaela.bergmann@

    Portrait Anna Kunz

    Anna Kunz

    Ocean freight, export

    Year of birth: 1983
    with the company since: 2014

    Interests/hobbies: my family, cycling, tennis and volleyball

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 153
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 11

    E-Mail: anna.kunz@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Martina Welbers

    Martina Giesel

    Ocean freight, export

    Year of birth: 1984
    with the company since: 2014

    Interests/hobbies: ice hockey, shopping, reading

    Telefon: +49 5232 9997 155
    Telefax: +49 5232 9997 159

    E-Mail: martina.welbers@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Tobias Stolterfoht-Brandyk

    Tobias Brandyk

    Ocean freight

    Year of birth: 1994
    with the company since: 2015

    Interests/hobbies: Friends, Music, Sports, Computer

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 187
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 169

    E-Mail: tobias.brandyk@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Irina Siemens

    Irina Siemens

    Ocean freight, export +import and internal quality representative

    Year of birth: 1989
    with the company since: 2014

    Interests/hobbies: languages and travelling

    Telefon: +49 5232 9997 160
    Telefax: +49 5232 9997 159

    E-Mail: irina.siemens@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Annika Schlüter

    Annika Schlüter

    Ocean freight / trucks

    Year of birth: 1990
    with the company since: 2013

    Interests/hobbies: my dog, horse-riding, meeting friends

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 152
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 11

    E-Mail: annika.schlueter@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Marvin Schwerderski

    Marvin Schwederski

    Ocean freight

    Year of birth: 1994
    with the company since: 2018

    Interests/hobbies: Soccer, listening to music, friends, delicious food

    Telefon: +49 05232 999 7 151
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 169

    E-Mail: mas@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Sergej Melnicuk

    Sergej Melnicuk

    Import Ocean freight

    Year of birth: 1992
    with the company since: 2017

    Interests/hobbies: Handball, Fitness, Friends, Family, motorcycling

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 166
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 169

    E-Mail: sergej.melnicuk@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Bahattin Önen

    Bahattin Önen

    Ocean freight

    Year of birth: 1991
    with the company since: 2018

    Interests/hobbies: making music, reading, writing lyrics, soccer

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 167
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 169

    E-Mail: bo@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Janek Schmidt

    Janek Schmidt

    Ocean freight

    Year of birth: 1995
    with the company since: 2014

    Interests/hobbies: Snowboarden, jogging, swimming, volleyball

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 186
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 169

    E-Mail: janek.schmidt@skyline-express.de

    Icon Logistik

    Logistics/Land Transportation

    Portrait Marcus Kaulins-Schröder

    Marcus Kaulins-Schröder

    Trucks / warehouse logistics

    Year of birth: 1978
    with the company since: 2004

    Interests/hobbies: friends, skittles, table tennis

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 172
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 11

    E-Mail: marcus.schroeder@skyline-express.de

    Icon Sales


    Portrait Deniz Polat

    Deniz Polat

    Sales Manager

    Year of birth: 1981
    with the company since: 2016

    Interests/hobbies: Soccer, different cultures, Poker

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 102
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 109
    Mobil: +49 151 54448834

    E-Mail: deniz.polat@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Dieter Holl

    Dieter Holl

    Project Manager

    Year of birth: follows
    with the company since: 2016

    Interests/hobbies: follows

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 165
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 169
    Mobil: +49 172 4047630

    E-Mail: dieter.holl@skyline-express.de

    Icon Sales


    Portrait Fynn Weiser

    Fynn Weiser


    Year of birth: 1998
    with the company since: 2017

    Interests/hobbies: Friends, Soccer, Music

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 184
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 169

    E-Mail: fynn.weiser@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Nina Lauhöfer

    Nina Lauhöfer


    Year of birth: 1996
    with the company since: 2016

    Interests/hobbies: Drawing, Badminton, Skiing

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 185
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 169

    E-Mail: nina.lauhoefer@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Gina Marquardt

    Gina Marquardt


    Year of birth: 1987
    with the company since: 2017

    Interests/hobbies: Photography, Travelling, Fitness, Painting

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 184
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 169

    E-Mail: gina.marquardt@skyline-express.de

    Icon Finances

    Finance accounting

    Portrait Carmen Winkel

    Carmen Winkel

    Head of financial accounting

    Year of birth: 1964
    with the company since: 2001

    Interests/hobbies: my dog, horse-riding, fitness walking, hiking

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 200
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 15

    E-Mail: carmen.winkel@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Annette Bruns

    Annette Bruns

    Accounting, executive assistant

    Year of birth: 1960
    with the company since: 2005

    Interests/hobbies: travelling, Hawaii, my dog, photography

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 201
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 15

    E-Mail: annette.bruns@skyline-express.de

    Portrait Petra Dielmann

    Petra Dielmann

    Accounting support

    Year of birth: 1957
    with the company since: 2013

    Interests/hobbies: my family, my dog, the sea

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 202
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 11

    E-Mail: petra.dielmann@skyline-express.de

    Icon CEO


    Portrait Volker Sim

    Volker Sim

    CEO, business administration graduate for financial accounting and controlling, sales

    Year of birth: 1965
    founder and managing director since 2000

    Interests/hobbies: mountain biking, travelling, music

    Telefon: +49 5232 99 97 100
    Telefax: +49 5232 99 97 109

    E-Mail: volker.sim@skyline-express.de

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  • Deutschlandkarte

    In Lage at home, busy all over the world.

    The site Lage in Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) offers ideal connections to our customers. We are a partner on site and thus able to individually, quickly and personally deal with special wishes and questions. However, this does not mean that we only act in the area of OWL. Our partnerships connect us to all the important transport centres in Germany and on all continents.

    Our network takes us close to almost every place in the world.

    Our service includes transport on request from door to door. For this, we need competent partners around the world. As the first partner of GOAL group in Germany, we are globally represented by companies that are very similar to us. The size, structure and attitude of employees have an equally high standard. Only together can we be strong and efficiently and reliably serve our mutual customers. The partners know each other. We have annual meetings to engage in active exchange. Shared projects include freight purchasing around the world, marketing campaigns and global presence under a single logo, as well as dedicated AMS portals to meet the US safety provisions.

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  • Our engagement throughout the world

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