• All transport paths from a single source.


    Detailed familiarity with all transport paths, all options and particularly every single customer: according to this principle, Skyline Express offer s individual transport solutions and effective combination of different means of transport – all from a single source.

  • Icon Luftfracht

    of our services:

    • Air freight express, worldwide
    • Consolidation, worldwide
    • Charter
    • On-board courier
    • Free delivery/ freight collect – worldwide
    • Delivery time guarantee
  • Air freight... worldwide!

    Luftfracht Leistungen

    When transporting air freight, we can choose among all airlines in the world. This way, we can specifically process your order according to the needs of individual shipments in terms of time and costs. We can transport shipments per airfreight directly or with a runtime guarantee, or less expensively as consolidated shipments. In any case, we provide a personal runtime review to ensure correct and timely processing. Our global agent network enables door-door transport around the world!


    Your benefits with respect to air freight transport at a glance:

    A shipment by air freight helps to cut down shipping times to a minimum.

    In the long run can reduce the costs for the storage of goods as well as existing buffer times by air freight.

    There is no limit to the worldwide transit of goods. You tell us where to go and we take care of the delivery.

    Besides the shorter transport time your merchandise and goods are protected from harmful environmental influences.

    Strictly observed flight schedules enable us to plan your shipment per air freight to some extent exact to the minute.

    We would be pleased to provide you with a quotation tailored to your needs. Simply use our inquiry form or get into contact with our experts from the air freight department.

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  • Icon Seefracht

    of our services:

    • FCL container shipments, worldwide
    • LCL container shipments, worldwide
    • Free delivery, worldwide
    • Freight collect – worldwide
    • Storage of ocean freight
    • RoRo vehicle shipment
  • Ocean freight... worldwide!

    Seefracht Leistungen

    In international ocean freight, our independence as a logistics service provider permits individual selection of shops. This way, we can choose between different shipping companies and use the best vessel or your ocean freight.

    This also has the benefit that we have departures in all directions available at all times, both in FCL and LCL container shipments - around the world!

    We can now offer dedicated collection containers to North America and Africa. Our RoRo offers have been expanded as well. Motorcycle or car – we will send your vehicles anywhere in the world by ocean freight as well.


    Overview of your benefits when using ocean freight transport:

    Ocean freight transport enables you to have huge loads transported over great distances.

    Compared to normal truck deliveries or cargo aircrafts, ocean freight offers a low-cost alternative.

    Even normal shipping transportation or ferry transports overseas can be considered as relatively fast. The most important factor for saving time are however unnecessary loading and unloading operations.

    Even the most extraordinary places like Mauritius or Oman are within your reach without any problems.

    Due to fixed schedules of the container ships and ferries, the duration of the transport can be determined precisely.

    We would be pleased to provide you with a quotation tailored to your needs. Simply use our inquiry form or get into contact with our experts from the ocean freight department.

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  • Icon Landverkehr

    of our services:

    • Consolidated freight
    • Transports all over Europe
    • Guaranteed transit time
    • Pick-up all over Europe
    • Free delivery/ freight collect deliveries
    • Late collection
  • Land transportation... all over Europe!

    Europe-wide scheduled parts/loading traffic

    We do not belong to any piece goods system and can thus ensure requirements-compatible shipping at all times. We are able to freely choose our partners to transport your shipments quickly and reliably where they need to go. When selecting partners, we not only look at the prices, but also at quality and flexibility. Many problems can be avoided and smooth transport can be ensured this way.

    Urgent special transports?

    We all know that situation. The important delivery to a customer is almost complete, but then a machine fails. The planned delivery date threatens to be milled. What to do? Call us! The Skyline Express team will gladly be available to you around the clock, on weekends or holidays. We will meet your delivery promise. We have use of a fleet of trucks, transporters and cars around the clock, only waiting to help you.

    Lean back and relax after you have done your work. You can rely on your shipment reaching its destination in time.


    Landverkehr Autobahn

    Overview of special runs:

    • Direct transport in Europe
    • Order acceptance around the clock
    • Collection/delivery around the clock
    • Car, transporter, truck
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  • Import / customs processing


    Wherever you buy a product, we will take it to you. Our global network enables us to bring your shipments to your customers around the world: Cost-efficiently by ocean freight or quickly by airfreight. Our trained team will ensure smooth customs processing.

    Customs formalities are simpler than ever for you. All exporting companies can now perform their necessary customs formalities electronically, saving money, time and nerves for you. The best is that you need neither an expensive software programme, nor do you have to elaborately train your employees. Just use our customs service. Let us know your customers number, the customs tariff number and the name or type of your product. That's it. Skyline Express does the rest for you!

    Import overview:

    • Air freight / ocean freight - worldwide
    • Order tracking
    • Consolidated containers / full container loads
    • Air-Sea transports
    • Customs clearance
    • Consulting
    • Distribution / commissioning
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  • International Logistics

    We will take care of your logistics!

    Internationale Logistik

    Take care of your core competences – we will take care of your logistics matters. Assumption of the goods "at the belt", packaging, interim storage, commissioning, distribution – all of this is possible with us as a logistics company if you want it! Our web interface will enable you to check the current situation of your goods with a password at any time, and to directly influence the logistics process.

    In the import area, our logistics work often starts when receiving your samples for review. We will receive your goods, check them for completeness, markings, etc., and then pick them as required.

    Transports always are the end of a logistics chain. Compliance with your deadlines is our strength. We can use the entire bandwidth of logistics options to distribute your goods. With our help, customers have founded companies so that their purchasers no longer need to deal with import processing … while the customer also saves a lot of customs charges, since the purchasing price is now used to calculate fees.

    The savings in import processing are not in the customs fee, but in the time that you need, e.g., for proper goods classification. We will gladly help you as a competent consultant in the scope of our logistics services.

    Project logistics

    Even the ancient Egyptians dealt with projects! Instead of muscle power, we contemporarily rely on specialist knowledge, experience and strong partners.
    Extra-large, extra-heavy or extra-urgent? No problem!

    When planning your transports, we invest commitment, passion and lifeblood. We have diverse partners to manage any transport on land, by air or sea.
    If there is nevertheless a change at short notice or other challenge, we will handle it with spontaneity and many ideas.

    Route planning, coordination of multimodal traffic, transport-compatible packaging, customs processing and transport insurance from a single source.

    We can move military equipment, racing cars, valuable vintage cars, disassembled airplanes, as well as oversized machine parts and entire factory systems for you around the world.

    Project logistics "Made in Germany" – all ways...

    Functional areas of logistics at a glance:

    • In-house logistics transport
    • External logistics transport
    • Cargo handling logistics (loading and unloading resp. reloading)
    • Warehousing / inventory management
    • Logistics-unit formation
    • Goods inspection
    • Warehousing and commissioning
    • Packaging
    • Controlling and planning of logistics processes
    • Coordination of logistics processes

    The four "specialist disciplines of logistics"

      This is the perfectly planned and timely procurement and delivery (supply) of the goods needed.

      Production logistics represents planning, control and review of all internal and external transport and storage processes.

      This is also called outbound logistics and ensures distribution or delivery of goods.

      Of course, return and disposal of wastes are essential in logistics. This is processed by reserve or disposal logistics.
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  • Transportation of hazardous goods

    Hazardous goods logistics with Skyline Express!

    Our customer always comes first. We want to serve him as quickly and punctually as possible. Although, when it comes to the transportation of hazardous goods, it is not always all that easy. For us that means one thing above all: we have to observe a lot of transport requirements and preconditions for the shipping of hazardous goods. This goes especially for the transportation of hazardous goods by air or ocean freight.

    The category of hazardous goods includes all substances, mixtures or products, which pose a serious risk to life, health or environment during transport, due to their physical structure or chemical composition. It is therefore imperative to know and comply with all existing transport requirements and rules for the shipping of hazardous goods.

    With Skyline Express as your partner for the logistics of hazardous goods, you don't have to worry about this. You just focus on the needs and wishes of your customers. We ensure that your goods are delivered to their destination on time, safely and quickly.

    Our "all-round carefree package" for hazardous goods transports:

    • Taking over/acceptance of the hazardous goods transport
    • Preparation of security documents
    • Hazardous goods packaging
    • Safety data sheet, hazardous goods plates
    • Cargo securing for hazardous goods
    • Storage of hazardous goods
    • Customs clearance
    • 24-hours emergency phone number

    Hazardous goods class (classification according to ADR)

    There is a variety of rules and agreements as to the transportation of hazardous goods on all possible routes of transport, no matter if land transport, air freight or ocean freight. Objective of these rules and legal regulations is the safe handling of hazardous goods transports. International regulations have contributed to the fact, that standards for the transportation of hazardous goods could be developed and established.

    This also includes the division of the goods into special hazardous goods classes:

    Gefahrgutklasse 1

    Class 1: Explosives and materials containing exploders (with 6 subclasses)

    Gefahrgutklasse 2.1

    Class 2.1: Gases (flammable), e.g. propane, hydrogen or acetylene.

    Gefahrgutklasse 2.2

    Class 2.2: Gases (non-flammable)

    Gefahrgutklasse 2.3

    Class 2.3: Gases (poisonous)

    Gefahrgutklasse 3

    Class 3: Flammable liquids, e.g. gasoline (petrol), alcohol etc.

    Gefahrgutklasse 4.1

    Class 4.1: Flammable solids, such as matches, sodium or sulfur

    Gefahrgutklasse 4.2

    Class 4.2: Spontaneously combustible solids

    Gefahrgutklasse 4.3

    Class 4.3: Substances that emit a flammable gas when wet

    Gefahrgutklasse 5.1

    Class 5.1: Oxidising substances such as „Unkraut-Ex“ (herbicide) or hardeners for paints or coatings.

    Gefahrgutklasse 5.2

    Class 5.2: Organic peroxides

    Gefahrgutklasse 6.1

    Class 6.1: Toxic or poisonous substances, e.g. arsenic or prussic acid

    Gefahrgutklasse 6.2

    Class 6.2: Infectious substances

    Gefahrgutklasse 7

    Class 7: Radioactive substances, e.g. in medical instruments or technical test facilities, uranium etc.

    Gefahrgutklasse 8

    Class 8: Corrocive substances, e.g. sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide

    Gefahrgutklasse 9

    Class 9: Miscellaneous hazardous materials or objects, e.g. air-bag inflators or asbestos

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  • Packaging

    We arrange it for you!


    Is it not true that you ask for an innovative concept that goes far beyond the well-known classic forwarding services? We regard ourselves as a cooperative and reliable partner that supports you and your suppliers/customers competently.

    If you are not taking care of the qualified and professional packaging of your goods yourself, we can do this for you as well. It is important to us that your goods reach the recipient just the way they were dispatched and packed.

    We offer a packing service (24 hrs. on request?), e.g. for small quantities in boxes, palletising or packaging in crates.

    If special packaging provisions such as "Export packaging purs. to HPE-Richtlinien" or/and corrosion protection is required, we have the matching contacts with renowned specialists throughout Germany. Of course, we can also get you wood packaging according to the IPPC-standard purs. to ISPM 15.

    Of course, we also pack hazardous goods according to the current IATA and IMO provisions for air and ocean freight. Contact us.

    Overview of services/packagings:

    • Small packages
    • Packagings according to HPE standard with partners
    • Delivery of wooden packagings in accordance with the provisions of the IPPC standard
    • Storage and intermediate storage
    • Supply with standard cartons
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  • Consulting and training

    Consulting und Schulungen

    We arrange it for you!

    We will gladly be your "sparring partner" for your ideas, and check out purchasing sources or sales opportunities for products. For customers who want to become established in Europe, we have already founded several successful branches in Europe to permit freight savings, considerably faster service in deliveries and customs benefits. In such cases, we gladly support our customers in setting up accounting, contact with authorities or opening of accounts. The entire goods management for these customers can be processed by Skyline.

    The fiscal representation for customers in other countries of the EU is also part of the standard service offered by Skyline. We can import directly into many countries without actually requiring prepayment of the import sales tax.

    In connection with our order management system, Skyline will enable you to move your goods efficiently and with perfect control. We develop local markets for you no matter where you are.

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